July 2015 Income Report

Income reports. Holy crap I love them. Pat Flynn is probably who I most associate with income reports. There are now TONS of people publishing them. Perhaps it’s just in our nature but I can spend HOURS reading about how people make money online. The devil is in the detail as they say. So, how could I start a blog about how to make a living online without providing income reports? To that end, this is my Day Zero income report. The blog is less than 24 hours old and has made a grand total of $0. My goal is to start generating revenue within the next 30 days. With hard work I know that should be easy to do. I’ve done it countless times before. My real short term goal is to get to $500 per month in revenue by January 2016 – a little over 5 months away. That’s challenging but achievable I think – just what a good goal should be. My goal for 2016 is to get to $3,000 per month by December 2016. Again challenging but I see no reason why it can’t be done with plenty of hard work and a little bit of smarts.

Right, seeing as there’s nothing in the kitty just yet I’m hoping this will be the shortest monthly Income report I ever have to write 🙂

See you next month with hopefully some good news to share!


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